Services and Solutions

Fixture Contracting offers a full menu of commercial and retail services and support to meet all your needs.  Whatever the demands of your project, Fixture Contracting offers a solution.

More importantly, Fixture Contracting can schedule and plan installations, and other work to meet the needs of your vibrant business.  With efficient scheduling all work is done on time, on budget and remains a seamless and invisible part of the quality service clients receive.

Fabrication and Custom Millwork

Working in wood, metal, glass or acrylic, Fixture Contracting offers expertise in fabricating and milling to ensure style and elegance for your project’s appearance.


Fixture Contracting professionals are experts at installing fixtures, retail shelving and displays, and refrigerated casework.


Whether developing a complete interior or the furnishings and fixtures to finish off a current project, Fixture Contracting can provide décor that is an asset to your business.


Fixture Contracting provides a full range of maintenance services to keep your retail and commercial presentation fresh and functional.

Additional Services

Fixture Contracting can also provide all the ongoing services necessary to create a smooth running retail/commercial environment.

Scheduling, Contracting and More

The professionals at Fixture Contracting are experts at scheduling the solutions you need in a manner that has the lowest impact on your commercial/retail business environment.
In other words, work can be scheduled to:

  • minimize distractions to customers and employees
  • minimize any necessary downtime and delays
  • keep the business environment clean and clutter-free
  • make the most of your time and budget

This scheduling expertise means that your project gets done on time and on budget to match your demands and specifications.

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